Flowers and fragrance

When it’s sunny and you’ve been stuck in the office all day, there’s nothing better than breaking up the journey home with a bit of culture.

The Fragrance Foundation France has put on a photography exhibition at Jardins du Palais Royal in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Louvre.

Entitled Le Parfum dans tous les sens (French speakers will appreciate the word play here), it’s made up of 50 panels. Walk one way and you’ll be taken through the major steps involved creating and industrialising a perfume, retrace your steps and an ‘artistic adventure’ awaits.

The exhibition isn’t just visual – scent devices attached to the panels means you can smell different fragrance notes, including rose and lavender.

Le Parfum dans tous les sens is on at Jardins du Palais Royal, in Paris’s 1st arrondissement  – from 28 May to 14th June. Open 7am to 11pm. Free