Looking for a christmas quickie?

No not that. I’m talking about The Fling Thing, a festive novelette from the brilliantly witty Maggie Le Page. Although, she does promise me there is a big fat sex scene inside, so perhaps you don’t need to get your minds out the gutter just yet.
          I absolutely adore this cover, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to reading it. It’s a prequel to A Heat Of The Moment Thing, which I’ve also got on my kindle, so that’s my holiday reading sorted!

       And if plenty of heat isn’t enough, Maggie has another treat in-store: if you’re one of the first ten people to put a review up on Amazon or iTunes, message Maggie and she’ll give you a free copy of one of her full-length novels.
The Fling Thing E-Book Cover.jpg

When it comes to love, Becky Jansen’s had some spectacular disasters, but all those Mr Wrongs haven’t put her off. One day she’ll find Mr Right. She just needs to be more . . . selective.

For example, she’d never get involved with Mickey Madden. He’s cute, and funny, and knows how to warm a girl’s . . . ahem. But he’s a workmate, and all their flirty sex-talk is just talk.

So when that talk whoopsies into something rather more active, Becky’s left confused. Is this as real as it feels, or is Mickey just another disaster in disguise?

Warning: contains one sexy Santa suit, one cheeky Rudolph, and plenty of heat in the middle.

Maggie lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her life leans toward chaotic, with writing time often losing out to kidstuff, home stuff and part-time work. Being a ditz comes naturally to Maggie, so she has no trouble writing her characters into embarrassing situations. No surprise, then, that she writes chick lit—albeit with serious undertones.

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