Holidays are made for relaxing

Whenever I have holidays from work but I’m not actually going on holiday, I always have grand plans that never quite seem to happen: go running five times a week, write for six hours every day, cook something more elaborate than a frozen pizza… Of course, the reality is usually rather different.

Despite my best intentions to get up at 7am, I did not manage to achieve this once. Because, really, when you don’t HAVE to get up, you just don’t. (Or is that just me?) Then I’d have to have an afternoon nap, as getting up and then doing nothing is just so exhausting.

But enough about what I didn’t do, what about what I did do?

I read a LOT of books. Adele Parks (oh my god, the ending in The State We’re In!), Anna Maxted, Paige Toon, to name but a few. I also did some writing, tried to get to grips with Scrivener, met up with various friends, ate cake. I even went running once or twice.

Probably one of the most interesting things I did was to book a place on hair and make-up workshops at Paris department store Galeries Lafayette.

The make-up class was great – make-up artists take you through how to apply everything from foundation to eyeliner. I was impressed with my new look, up until a purple lipstick was brandished in my direction. Luckily, I managed to suggest a nice raspberry lip gloss instead. The make-up artist also informed us that contouring is OVER (thank god), and “strobing” is the newest make-up trick.

The hair styling class was also very good. I envisaged myself deftly conjuring up a side plait after being shown the tricks of the trade, although I didn’t appreciate how hard it would be. “You have too much hair,” the hair stylist told me eventually, telling me to opt for a bow style, like the one below. My effort wasn’t great to begin with, but hopefully practice will make perfect.

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