Cookies and ice cream

August in Paris is hot, hot hot. And when temperatures just keep rising, it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in ice cream. Probably the only time, in fact, when eating two ice creams in one day feels entirely justified.

And Paris is not short of ice cream options. You don’t have to walk far along the banks of the Seine to come across an ice cream truck or a pop-up cafe selling a multitude of flavours.

Then there’s Amorino and Berthillon, and the chocolate shops that roll out their ice cream carts – Jeff de Bruges is a particular favourite of mine for the mint choc-chip ice cream.

Although sometimes, an ice cream on its own just won’t cut it, which is how I discovered the fabulous cookies glacés from cookie purveyor La Fabrique Cookies.

Wandering down Rue de Lévis in the 17th arrondissement on the hunt for an ice cream, I was spoilt for choice yet distracted by the idea of cookies. Should I get a cookie and an ice cream? Could I? Particularly when I’d had cake for breakfast that morning.

And then I found the answer: ice cream sandwiched between two cookies, for the bargain price of 3 euros. I went for the salted caramel cookie and lemon ice cream option. With the exception of the first bite when I thought I might actually lose a tooth (top tip, wait until the frozen cookie softens a bit), it was every bit as fabulous as the sales girl assured me it would be. Highly recommended.

La Fabrique Cookies, 25 Rue de Lévis 75017.

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