Edith Piaf and Fête de la musique

Today, June 21st, is Fête de la musique in France. The 34th edition of the event will, like always, see a variety of concerts in different cities.

In Paris, there is something for everyone: from jazz to electro to reggae.

I decided to start the day with a visit to the Edith Piaf exhibition at Bibliotheque Nationale de la France, France’s national library.

It provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of the music-hall singer, whose hits include La vie en rose and Non, je ne regrette rien. The exhibition was free today, in honor of Fête de la musique, but it’s definitely worth a visit, and is on until August 23. Of particular note is the karaoke booth, where you can have a go at belting out one of Piaf’s hits.

Then I headed over to Bercy Village to listen to some music there.

It was admittedly very good, but incredibly loud, so I had to go and have a lie down before my hearing was permanently damaged – or so it seemed. I thought I must be getting old, but then I encountered a woman at the metro entrance who exclaimed over my beauty and insisted that I didn’t look a day over 20. I was immensely flattered until I discovered she had an ulterior motive: to sell me a postcard for “at least 10 euros”. Still, the encounter put a smile on my (youthful) face.

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