Paris’s first €1 cafe

 When I heard that a new cafe had opened in Paris where every item on the menu costs €1, I had to go and check it out. Technically it’s in a suburb, but it’s in the very bourgeois Boulogne-Billancourt and on the metro line, which is good enough for me.

Finding cheap food in Paris is no easy feat, and finding cheap food that actually tastes good is even harder. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve shelled out upwards of €5 for a small and dissatisfying sandwich. But now, thanks to the Oup’s cafe, which opened last month, that €5 could get me a slice of pizza, a bagel, a pepsi, a cappuccino and a bar of milka.

I went along with a friend after work, having purposely eaten a light lunch in preparation for the feast I was anticipating. Unfortunately, as we arrived about an hour before closing, there was very little left. No pizza and no bagels, which of course means I’ll have to go back on a Saturday (I imagine it does a roaring trade at lunchtime). I did however manage to nab the last salmon and dill ciabatta, which was surprisingly tasty, and also opted for a hot chocolate, which was pretty close to perfect.

To congratulate ourselves on the money we’d saved, my friend and I went to a bar and ordered a carafe of wine. Well, when in France…

Oup’s cafe is located at 84 rue de Billancourt, Boulogne (métro : Boulogne – Pont de Saint-Cloud or Marcel Sembat).


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